This site is an archive of the first five chapters of the webcomic Twisted Mirrors as they were originally published online back in the mid-2000’s. I have since gone through and updated these pages with new high-rez files and those are the files you see now on the main site.

If you want to know what the difference is between those pages and the ones presented here, then I can go through that quickly. The original inked pages were used for both versions, so the linework will look about the same. Different scanners were used, however, as well as some different editing techniques, so there may be some minor differences in the art from one version to the other. There are some drastic changes to the dialogue, however. Nothing that I think changes the meaning of the text, but different enough that I wanted to make sure I mentioned it.

If you were looking for the updated versions, then you’re in the wrong place! Hop back over to the main site to see how those changes have been implemented.

This site will not be updating. It has the first five chapters only as an archive.

Thanks for reading!